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Get Lifetime Unlimited Level Access to Seedtime

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Including Unlimited Access to All Current and Future Releases of Seedtime Layout, Weather, Inventory, Records, and Analytics

Here's everything you get with your Lifetime Unlimited Account:
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    Unlimited Calendars
    Unlimited Crop Categories
    Unlimited Planting Schedules
    Custom Crop Categories
    Custom Varieties

    Unlimited Layouts


    Unlimited Tasks


    Unlimited Entries


    Masterclass Video Series


    Private Facebook Group

    Get 20% OFF all seed packet orders**



    Unlimited access to weather dashboard and custom weather alerts


    Unlimited access to keep track of anything in your garden like seeds, soil amendments, and more


    Unlimited access to keep track of any records in your garden like harvest amounts, seeding amounts, number of transplants, and more


    Unlimited access to view and analyze your records in a simple visual way



    LIVE daily VIP coaching/implementation calls with the Seedtime Coaching Team during the challenge

  • VIP Q+A

    VIP only Q+A sessions during the LIVE coaching calls

    Lifetime access to all of the trainings, worksheets, and resources for the Winter Gardening Challenge

    Surprise bonus training sessions! 



    Try it risk free for 30 days. Either you love it or send us an email and we'll give you a no-hassle refund.

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  • Buy it. This will be your best investment in your farm EVER.

    I'm not a "yesterday" farmer and from experience I can tell you that it's worth every pennies.

    A pain relief + a support team coming from the field and completely dedicated to keep it simple and updated continuously.

    Michel Michiels

  • Best Garden Management Tool Money Can Buy

    I've never seen such a complete and easy-to-use garden planner! I use a lot of local heirloom seeds and I love how easy it is to configure the exact data for each of them. Now that I have all the basics set up, I know planning (and executing) next year's garden will be so much easier than in the past!

    Bailey Roe


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    Monthly ELITE Gardening Membership

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  • Monthly live meetings with the Seedtime team

  • Monthly Q+A times during live meetings

  • Recordings of all past (over 6+ years) and future live meetings 

  • Access to private ELITE Facebook Group

  • Access to our entire ELITE garden training library including over 160+ garden training and demonstration videos, worksheets, resources, and more

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    Get Early Access to Seedtime Layout when you give just $15 (or more) to our Seedtime Scholarship Fund

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  • Map out your growing spaces so you can assign plantings to where they are going to grow in your garden/farm

  • Set and adjust crop spacing so you can easily space your plants exactly how you want them. We'll have default suggested spacing built in but you will be able to completely adjust it to whatever spacing you would like to use. 

  • Timeline travel with your plantings so you can easily see what spaces are occupied in your garden/farm at any given time and when/where there are gaps that could be filled.

  • And more...

  • Your $15 contribution will be added to our Seedtime scholarship fund to help a fellow gardener in need who can't afford a paid account right now. 

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  • Multi-user account access with user permissions so you can assign specific access levels to farm workers or employees

  • Pick and pack list organization so you can easily organize what to harvest based on your customer or program needs

  • CSA management so you can easily manage your CSA drop offs, what will be included in each box, and more... 

  • Customer management system to easily stay connected with your customers 

  • Online farm market that syncs with your entire farm plan so customers can easily see what is available and purchase directly from your store

  • And more...

  • The above planned features may change or adjust depending on the input from our small farm users. We will be relying heavily on actual farm feedback to build what you want and need. 

    Get Lifetime Access

    * Total value calculated at 20 years of retail monthly subscription rate of $20/mo

    ** Discount is guaranteed. Amount may adjust with market conditions.

    Get Access to Everything Inside Free Seedtime Accounts Plus:

    Unlimited Gardening Calendars

    Whether you are tracking multiple gardens across different locations, or if you just want to use one calendar to play around with while you have another one for your actual garden plan - being able to create an unlimited number of gardening calendars gives you the flexibility you need. 

    No more being tied down to just one calendar. Now you can create as many as you want, whenever you want. 

    Create your own custom crops and varieties

    Don't see the veggie, herb, flower, or anything else you want to grow in the planner? When it comes to choosing what to grow - you're in control.

    Now you can easily add any custom crop or variety to your plan. That means whether you want to grow an exotic french green or a delicate cut flower - just input the growing information and it'll populate your custom planting schedule into the calendar like everything else.

    20% OFF Seed Discounts

    Get 20% Off all of your seed packet orders of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, from major brands like High Mowing Organic Seeds and True Leaf Market. 

    It's like Amazon Prime discounts but for gardeners! 

    This discount is guaranteed (our Seedtime Plus members will always get discounted seeds) however the amount may adjust with market conditions.

    This is Just the Beginning...
    Future Seedtime Releases Include:

    Seedtime Layout

    Imagine being able to not only track the timing of your crops, but be able to visual track where they will be growing in your garden at the same time. 

    Oh yeah! Now we're talking...

    With Seedtime Layout you’ll be able to visually layout your garden plan, assign crops to specific locations in your garden/farm, and view exactly what spaces will be used in your garden at any time of the year - all based on your gardening calendar plan.

    Seedtime Weather

    What if historical weather data and forecasting was integrated directly into your gardening calendar? 

    Sound like a dream? 

    With Seedtime Weather you’ll be able to view real-time (and past) weather data, forecasting, and alerts. This will include at-a-glance weather information across the calendar, upcoming frost warnings, and we are even looking into integrating with your own home weather station. 

    Seedtime Inventory

    Tired of sifting through random half-used seed packets? 

    Never sure what you have on hand or what you need to purchase?

    With Seedtime Inventory you’ll be able to easily keep track of your seeds, soil amendments, and more.  This includes what you’ve purchased, how much you’ve used, and what you have available to use in your garden right now.

    Seedtime Records

    Are you crazy about records? 

    Or just wish you could keep track of how many tomatoes you were able to harvest?

    With Seedtime Records you’ll be able to easily keep track of any garden/farm related records like harvest amounts, number of plants planted, soil amendments, and more.

    Seedtime Analytics

    Records are awesome. 

    Spreadsheets and columns full of numbers can be overwhelming and/or mind boggling. 

    With Seedtime Analytics you’ll be able to easily visualize or view your records in ways that are easy to understand so you can get insights on how to improve your garden from year to year.

    What Others Are Saying About Seedtime

  • Best Garden Management Tool Money Can Buy

    I've never seen such a complete and easy-to-use garden planner! I use a lot of local heirloom seeds and I love how easy it is to configure the exact data for each of them. Now that I have all the basics set up, I know planning (and executing) next year's garden will be so much easier than in the past!

    Bailey Roe

  • Buy it. This will be your best investment in your farm EVER.

    I'm not a "yesterday" farmer and from experience I can tell you that it's worth every pennies.

    A pain relief + a support team coming from the field and completely dedicated to keep it simple and updated continuously.

    Michel Michiels

  • I have been in on Seedtime since it started. I am not a farmers market or commercial gardener. I just have a family garden. Seedtime has helped me plan in the winter for spring seed starting and planting. It keeps me on track so I can get the plants in [the] ground on time.

    Lenayah King

  • As a farm market vendor this has helped me organize my time and planting and harvesting duties which has given me the best growing season I have ever had! The growing tips are spot on! This is the best investment I have made and look forward as it continues to bloom!

    Lucy Pier

  • SEEDTIME is the best gardening tool available!! I love it, and my garden has done exceptionally well this year as result. Easy to use, easy to move around in this program, and the hardest work is out in the garden proper. Try it out for yourself! It's amazing!!


  • Seedtime is the Garden App I have been waiting for. The visual planning features make it so much easier to plan out the garden, plant on time, and make adjustments as the season unfolds. I am truly excited about what this App will become...

    Aaron Ripley

  • What a fantastic program and only getting better. It’s great to leverage such good and knowledgeable people. Well done!

    Johnny Byard

  • Because I am a new gardener this program has been very user-friendly. All the tutorials and information are very easy to get to and to understand.

    Gwen Earley

  • Epic app to manage multiple gardens! We use it to manage our two year old food forest in South Africa and tracking its progress! Highly recommended - save time and funds longterm and save more seeds - use Seedtime . Growing food has never been easier!

    Axel Will

  • Having everything in one place is so nice- seeding and transplanting dates, plant info, when to fertilize and harvest, and being able to change dates if something wasn't done right on time... This is going to help bring my garden to the next level!


  • Great program! By far the most user friendly program I’ve tried. The team is quick to respond to issues.


  • It's obvious that Seedtime was created by gardeners for gardeners. User-friendly and indispensable! Highly recommend!


  • This is the most flexible and comprehensive garden planning calendar system I've seen. The team is exceptional at continuing to make it better and better so I'm excited to see how it continues to improve!

    Jeffery Carroll

  • Planning a successional garden has been so much easier due to Seedtime. I love the format and all of the customization available in the planning phase as well as the large plant variety database. It makes my job that much quicker.

    Carrie H

  • Paul and Edwin have done an amazing job creating a gardening online program, with everything one would need to grow a garden from inception to harvest! Calendars, timelines, database of seed varieties, when to start seed, when to transplant, when to harvest, and so much more! 

    Janice Cleary

  • This app is great and continues to get better and better. The folks that are creating are wonderful and are soooo open to creating an app based on feedback from US!... They are planning to add the capability to work on a visual basis, which is major for me.

    Laurie Lezin-Schmidt

  • I always struggle with when to seed, succession planting, and general timing of my gardening with my busy schedule. This tool really does make it easy to plan with minimal brainpower. As a bonus, the creators give tutorials and information that I've found useful in my daily gardening.

    Tracy Shields

  • This has been a great group for the new Gardner and the experienced Gardner with many years of experience. There are so much information to learn from. Also this is the best interactive calendar I have found any where. There is nothing to compare it too!


  • Seedtime is a beautiful way to organize your gardening plans, seedtime/harvest and everything in between.


  • Love it!

    A really helpful, intuitive app.


  • I love Seedtime. It helps me to plan my gardening and helps me to be more productive. I highly recommend Seedtime for the home gardener as well as the market gardener.

    S. Wells

  • It's the best gardening app out there, super easy to use and to customize. I am very happy to be one of the early adopters.


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Let us shoulder the risk for you.

    We are so confident that Seedtime has the power to make growing your garden (or farm) so much easier that either you love it, or we don't want your money. Just send us an email within the first 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a no-hassle refund.

    Go ahead, give it a try by clicking the green button below. There's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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