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We're glad you asked! And I don't blame you for being skeptical.

Here's why we are excited about giving away free Seedtime accounts:

  • We want to make sure everyone has everything they need to start planning and growing a garden - no matter what their financial situation is.  

  • Which is why we are giving away free Seedtime accounts including your own personal Click 'N Drop Calendar, Task List, Journal, Classroom video lessons, and private Facebook group. 

    Yup. All of that is free forever - no credit card required. Seriously.

  • So... how do we make money? We'll be honest. Creating an app like this is expensive. Very expensive actually. And so we hope you love Seedtime so much that you'll want to upgrade (completely optional). 

    Your free account includes everything you need to get started, and then as you plan and grow more crops you'll have the option to upgrade to match the number of crop categories (or gardens) you are growing. If you are growing a small garden - you may never need to upgrade at all.

  • So come on in and join our gardening family. There's nothing to loose and everything to gain! 

    Your FREE FOREVER (meaning FREE - no cost - not a penny, not a dime, not a nickle, nada...) account is waiting for you. 😍🎉

    Let's make this your best year ever!

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    How to Use Our 3 Step Garden Planning Formula to Easily Grow Over $1000 of Food in Your Small (or large) Backyard

    (includes our $1000 Plug and Play Garden Plan or SCALE it up to grow way MORE)

    YES! Join the Challenge for FREE
    + Get bonus FREE Seedtime Garden Planner account
  • + GET BONUS GARDENING CALENDAR, TASK LIST & JOURNAL: You'll get your own FREE account to our new Seedtime Garden Planner to easily visualize exactly when to seed, transplant, or harvest anything in your garden all year round - based on your local area. 


  • How to plan your best garden ever from scratch in 3 simple steps (we'll hold your hand and do it with you - or you can use our ready-to-go plug and play garden plan). This is great because you'll have our help each step of the way which means you won't have to worry about messing up or creating a plan that just won't work.

  • How to use our "Perpetual Harvest Hack" to grow fresh food all year round (it's easier than you think). What that means to you is you'll be able to harvest fresh food from your garden every week of the year (in most places). And what that ultimately means is you'll be saving a LOT of money while keeping your family healthy with fresh nutrient dense food so you can enjoy life together for years to come!

  • How to create your own planting schedule in just minutes (complete with a checklist of what to do each week).  This is great because you'll have a clear plan for your garden which means instead of being overwhelmed you'll know exactly what to do, and when to do it in your garden. No more gardening by the seat of your pants - yeah!!

  • How to choose what variety to grow including our favorite varieties of veggies for quick and easy seed ordering (plus our favorite seed companies to order from). This means that by the end of the workshop you'll be able to place your seed order and be WAY ahead of the game. This is great because it'll save you from having to worry about not having your seeds ready to plant when it's time to start your garden!

  • And more...



    April 3 - 7, 2022

    Each Evening from 7-9pm Central Time

    (5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 8pm Eastern)


    Online from the comfort of your home. We'll give you the link to join and you'll login from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


    Edwin and Paul Dysinger have taught thousands of people from around the world how to grow nutrient dense food in their backyards through their online gardening business Born to Grow and are the creators of the Seedtime Garden Planner.


    Our first LIVE workshop similar to this one sold for $150 to attend live... BUT we're opening tickets up this time for FREE.

    Get your ticket to attend live for $150 FREE

    All sessions will be recorded and the replays will be available for a limited time in case you miss any of the live sessions.


  • 5 LIVE sessions with Edwin and Paul Dysinger walking you step-by-step through our garden planning formula to grow your best garden ever!

  • LIVE Q+A times to get your questions answered. You'll be able to even join in via video chat so we can talk over your specific situation and help you out with any aspect of your garden plan.

  • $1000 ready-to-go Plug and Play Garden Plan so you can quickly and easily launch your garden with most of the work already done for you.

  • Garden planning worksheets to make the entire process so much easier!

  • BONUS - Your own FREE account to our new Seedtime Garden Planner to easily visualize exactly when to seed, transplant, and harvest anything in your garden all year long - based on your local area. 


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