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The Ultimate Winter Garden Hack That Lets You Easily Visualize Exactly When to Seed, Transplant, and Harvest Veggies In Your Garden All Year Long - Based On Your Local Area

Class Highlights:

[00:00] Welcome and introduction

[5:45] Setting up gardening calendar based on local area

[7:35] Our simple formula to know what grows best in the winter vs. the summer

[11:46] List of low, medium, and high freeze tolerant crops

[14:42] Adding winter crops into the calendar to easily see when they should be planted based on the local area

[18:52] The key to keeping plants alive in the cold and why wind is one of your worst enemies

[23:39] An incredibly simple way to protect your veggies in the winter without breaking your pocketbook

[30:40] The #1 critical factor for a successful winter garden

[35:17] Timing winter crops and succession planting for a continual harvest

[44:07] The Ultimate Winter Garden Hack - not just what to do, or when to do it, but HOW to do it too! All in one place at the tip of your fingers.

[47:06] Automatic weekly checklist for your winter garden plan!

[53:11] What could you do with Seedtime?

[57:26] Everything that comes with Seedtime - it is more than just a garden planner...

[1:17:53] Q+A time

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