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    FREE Online Winter Gardening Class

     The Ultimate Winter Garden Hack That Lets You Easily Visualize Exactly When to Seed, Transplant, and Harvest Veggies In Your Garden All Year Long - Based On Your Local Area

    During this FREE GARDENING CLASS you will discover:

    Our “Winter L+R vs. Summer S+F” veggie formula to easily know which veggies grow best in the winter vs. the summer.

    The #1 critical factor for having a fresh harvest during the winter months.

    How to create your own winter planting schedule in just minutes (complete with a checklist of what to do each week).

    How to get instant access to Seedtime garden planner, and more...

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    Edwin Dysinger


    Paul Dysinger

    Edwin and Paul Dysinger are a father and son team and the co-founders of Seedtime. Together they teach thousands of people from around the world how to grow their own nutrient-dense organic food - right in their backyards.

    The Reason Why Many People Struggle to Grow Winter Veggies Is Because They Don’t Know (or use) These 3 Secrets

    Winter gardening really isn't that hard if you know what to do. In fact, with the right knowledge and tools you can harvest fresh veggies straight through the winter without heated greenhouses or crazy expensive equipment - even in places as cold as Michigan or Maine.

    Secret 1

    Our “Winter L+R vs. Summer S+F” veggie formula to easily know which veggies grow best in the winter vs. the summer.

    Secret 2

    The #1 critical factor for having a fresh harvest during the winter months. This alone can make or break your winter garden.

    Secret 3

    How to protect winter veggies without breaking your pocketbook - and why wind is one of your worst enemies.

    Here’s The Benefits Of Knowing These Secrets

    You'll be able to easily know which crops actually like growing in cold weather instead of fighting nature by trying to grow something that can't even handle a freeze.

    You'll be able to extend your harvest into (or straight through) the winter giving your family the best possible nutrients from the food grown right in your own backyard.

    You'll save money by using tried and true simple ways to protect your veggies without paying the big bucks for a heated greenhouse or trying to grow everything inside your home.

    You'll be able to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing you aren't completely reliant on a fragile food system that can easily be disrupted leaving store shelves empty.

    This Free Pre-launch Event Is Ideal For:

    Everyone from backyard home gardeners all the way up to small farmers.


    Whether you're a first time gardener or veteran - we'll be sharing some of our best winter gardening strategies to take your garden to the next level.


    Building a small (or big) homestead? Perhaps you're into being more self-sufficient? What better way than to expand your food source all year round!

    Small Farmers

    Ahhh... that's where we come from! In fact, we specialized in winter farming for years and it is a great way to create a niche market in your local area.

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