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ATTENTION: Are you ready to grow your best garden/farm ever?...

Free Seed to Harvest Workshop

Watch How to Plan & Design Your Entire Garden, Homestead, or Small-Farm from A-Z in Just 1 Hour!

With some of the BEST growers/homesteaders in the country including Ben Hartman, Steven Cornett, and Nina Shirley

With Ben Hartman, Steven Cornett, and Nina Shirley

  • LIVE Nov 7-9 at 7pm CDT - Online from home

  • During This 3 DAY WORKSHOP You Will Experience:

  • Real-time Planning: Walk through each step of designing a garden, homestead, and farm from scratch in just one hour each.

  • Personal Seedtime Access: Get hands-on experience with your very own free Seedtime account.

  • Learn from the Best: Engage with top-notch guests like Ben Hartman, Steven Cornett, and Nina Shirley, and benefit from their expertise.

  • In-depth Succession Planning: Master the art of succession planting and year-round crop planning for maximum yields.

  • Interactive Visual Layout: Understand the key elements of placement, from garden beds to landmarks, ensuring a harmonious and productive setup.

  • And more...



    Ben Hartman

    Award Winning Author and Lean Farming Expert

    Steven Cornett

    Natural Farmer and Homesteading Expert

    Nina Shirley

    Backyard Garden Designer and Expert Grower

    Paul Dysinger

    Event host, gardening educator, and co-founder of Seedtime

    Edwin Dysinger

    Event host, gardening educator, and co-founder of Seedtime

    Luke Hammond

    Event host, small farmer, consultant, and growing expert


    Session 1: Build Your Dream Homestead With Steven Cornett

    Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 7pm Central Time:

    Watch as we build out an entire homestead from A-Z in just 1 hour with Steven Cornett!

    Steven started organic farming in 2011 in San Diego, CA. He ran successful beyond organic market gardens utilizing no dig and natural farming techniques, producing 90% of farm inputs on site.

    He's now building a multi acre homestead in East Tennessee, combining all the natural farming methods he's learned with sheep, pigs, chickens, trees, mushrooms, and gardens.

    His goal is to teach as many people as he can about regenerative farming techniques so they can grow healthy food for their family or even make money as a small scale farmer.

    Session 2: Build Your Dream Kitchen Garden With Nina Shirley

    Wednesday, Nov. 8 at 7pm Central Time:

    Watch as we build out an entire kitchen garden from A-Z in just 1 hour with Nina Shirley!

    Nina and her husband Brendon live on 10 acres in South Florida growing subtropical gardens of all kinds. Both in raised beds and in permaculture "food forest" gardens in the ground, their passion for learning to grow food and sharing that knowledge with others is so rewarding to them- even their 3 year old little girl River is in the middle of planting/harvesting/maintaining throughout the seasons.

    Nina builds custom garden-centric living spaces for her clients around town, basically exterior design. And teaches an online course about the basics of gardening at home.

    AND they have a TV show on The Design Network called Farm to Table you can check out! They're always outside creating something new and juggling it all. 

    Session 3: Build Your Dream Small-Farm With Ben Hartman

    Thursday, Nov. 9 at 7pm Central Time:

    Watch as we build out an entire micro-farm from A-Z in just 1 hour with Ben Hartman!

    Ben is a farmer and author of The Lean Farm, and winner of the prestigious Shingo Prize. In 2017 he wrote a field guide companion called The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables, and was named one of 50 green leaders in the US by Grist.

    His newest book is The Lean Micro Farm (click here to pre-order) where he shows how small, hyperlocal farms can be both ecologically and economically superior to industrial-scale operations geared toward export and commodity markets.

    He is a senior consultant for USAID-funded projects. Clay Bottom Farm offers on-farm workshops and online courses teaching farmers how to farm smaller and smarter.


    Get your ticket to join the workshop for FREE

    Replays of all sessions will be available for a limited time in case you miss any of the live session times.


  • 3 LIVE sessions with our guest experts where you'll get to literally watch us build out a garden, homestead, and micro-farm in real time!

  • LIVE Q+A sessions with the Seedtime team and/or our guest experts to help get your questions answered.

  • BONUS - Your own FREE account to our new Seedtime Garden Planner to easily visualize exactly when to seed, transplant, and harvest anything in your garden/homestead/farm all year long - based on your local area. 


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