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How to Plan Your Fall/Winter Garden 5x Faster and Grow a Continual Harvest of Fresh Food All Year Long Without Stress or Guesswork

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Melissa Norris


Edwin Dysinger


Paul Dysinger

Melissa K. Norris is the host of the popular Pioneering Today Podcast, author of five books, including The Family Garden Plan and Everything Worth Preserving. She and her family raise 99% of their own meat and over 65% of their fruits and vegetables for the entire year on their homestead in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains. With her website, podcast, and multiple media outlets, Melissa helps over a million people implement simple modern homesteading for a healthy & sustainable life.

Edwin and Paul Dysinger are a father and son team and the co-founders of Seedtime. Together they create ground breaking small farm and garden planning software and enjoy teaching thousands of people from around the world how to grow their own nutrient-dense organic food.

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