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  • I've never seen such a complete and easy-to-use garden planner! Now that I have all the basics set up, I know planning (and executing) next year's garden will be so much easier than in the past! 

    Bailey Roe

  • This program is phenomenal. Albeit a work in progress, once fully completed, SeedTime will be the premier garden planner of all time. Seriously. The things they are implementing are truly impressive.


  • Seedtime has become the best gardening app out there. I work a full time job and grow a lot of my own food. Seedtime has helped me keep track of what needs to be done and achieve balance.

    Mary Garrison

  • Get FREE Instant Access to The Entire Suite of Seedtime Garden Planning Tools


    Seedtime Calendar

    Finally, a ridiculously simple and powerful way to create and organize your gardening plan all year round - based on your current location.

    Add crops to your gardening calendar to effortlessly see recommended times to seed, transplant, or harvest them. Or, customize and adjust the planting schedules to meet your specific needs.



    Seedtime Tasks

    Forget flying by the seat of your pants...

    Seedtime Tasks makes gardening as simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

    View a daily or weekly task list that automatically compiles from your gardening calendar plan and check off the tasks to easily keep track of what you have or haven't accomplished. 



    Seedtime Journal

    Say goodbye to random sticky notes or scattered notebooks. 

    Seedtime Journal makes keeping track of your garden records easier than ever. Tag entries, link them to specific plantings in your calendar plan, add pictures, and experience the power of a journal built to make your life easier.



    Seedtime Classroom

    Wondering what the best tools to cultivate with are or how to harden off your transplants before planting them out? 

    We've got you covered. Get access to our entire short masterclass video lesson series guiding you through our 4-stage Gardening to Abundance Game Plan. 



    Seedtime Community

    You're not alone. We need each other. 

    Join our private Facebook Group to connect with other growers, ask questions, get updates, and give feedback as we build out the most powerful suite of garden/farm planning tools available. 



    NEW Seedtime Store

    Get easy access to vegetable, herb, and flower seeds from major brands like High Mowing Organic Seeds and True Leaf Market. 

    Plus, shop organic fertilizers, natural pest and disease control, and more... all at your fingertips directly from within Seedtime. You'll even get flat rate $5 shipping or FREE shipping on orders over $49 (contiguous USA). 


    The World's Most Powerful Gardening Calendar

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  • I have been in on Seedtime since it started. I am not a farmers market or commercial gardener. I just have a family garden. Seedtime has helped me plan in the winter for spring seed starting and planting. It keeps me on track so I can get the plants in [the] ground on time.

    Lenayah King

  • As a farm market vendor this has helped me organize my time and planting and harvesting duties which has given me the best growing season I have ever had! The growing tips are spot on! This is the best investment I have made and look forward as it continues to bloom!

    Lucy Pier

  • Custom tailored to your location

    It all starts with your location.

    That's why we've designed Seedtime to automatically suggest your average frost dates, latitude, and growing zone to create a garden plan that works perfect for you.

    Living in a microclimate? Up 7,000 feet in the mountains? You'll can manually adjust it to more accurately reflect exactly where you will be growing.

    Click 'N Drop planting schedules

    Each time you click and drop a planting schedule for a specific crop into your calendar, it'll map out exactly when to seed it, prepare the bed, transplant, and estimate your harvest dates for you so you don't have to waste time and energy thinking about it.

    This isn't just a gardening calendar. It's a guide to help know exactly what to do, and when to do it so you can focus on the fun part - growing your veggies!

    Over 2,650+ built in varieties and growing

    We've already pre-installed over 2,670+ veggie and herb varieties to get you up and running out the gate. We'll be rapidly updating and expanding this database to include even more crops, berries, flowers, and more. 

    You can also edit any planting schedule to fit a specific variety you want to grow including days to maturity, spacing between seeding and transplanting etc.

    Create your own custom crops and varieties

    Don't see the veggie, herb, flower, or anything else you want to grow in the app? When it comes to choosing what to grow - you're in control.

    You can easily add any custom crop or variety to your plan (or choose from our list of pre-installed crops). That means whether you want to grow an exotic french green or a delicate cut flower - just input the growing information and it'll populate your custom planting schedule into the calendar like everything else.

    Ultimate customization

    You can change or adjust anything in a planting schedule...

    Set your seeding date, transplanting information, days to maturity, expected harvest window length, and even the default succession spacing you want to use when creating succession plantings.

    And if you're using our proprietary winter gardening algorithm you can even set what level of protection will be used during the winter.

    Now that is really putting you in the drivers seat.

    Flowers are here!

    Are you a cut flower grower or just interested in growing your own flowers? That's so awesome. 

    We now have 37 flowers added into Seedtime with over 750+ varieties so you can start planning your flowers out directly in Seedtime too! 

    Moveable crop planting schedules

    Want to plan your garden around that vacation you were planning? You bet!

    Once you drop crop planting schedules into your calendar you can easily drag and drop them to the exact time that best fits your schedule.

    We'll even warn you (coming soon) if you're moving the planting schedule too far into a time where it might not grow as well. But not to worry - you're still in control and can ultimately choose to move it anywhere.

    Automatic succession planting schedules

    Want to have a continual harvest of lettuce? It used to be a real challenge to figure it all out. Now you'll be able to easily drop in automatic succession plantings of any crop to plan for a continual harvest!

    Succession planting schedules will automatically calculate based on our suggested timing - or you can customize them to create your own personalized set. 

    Easy task filter

    Easily filter down to only view your seeding times or harvest times. This is perfect for planning seed orders or planning your garden based on when you want to harvest different crops.

    But it doesn't stop there, you can easily filter down to any task (or any combination of tasks) in your garden plan including bed preparation, transplanting, cultivating, and more.

    Detailed instructions and demonstration videos

    Click on any task in the calendar for detailed instructions and demonstration videos showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and crop recommendations specific to that crop. 

    This includes short video masterclasses filled with expert step-by-step instructions like how to prepare your garden beds without breaking your back, how to keep your garden weed free in just minutes, how to protect your veggies in the winter without breaking your pocketbook, and more...

    Quick links to our favorite varieties

    Ever felt overwhelmed leafing through gardening catalogues trying to figure out which tomato variety to grow?

    That's why we've included quick links out to some of our favorite varieties for most of the crops. 

    Not only will these save you time trying to figure out which one to grow on your own, but now ordering your seeds from a reliable and safe seed company will only be a click away.

    Multiple calendar views

    Sometimes it's nice to see your garden plan from different perspectives - and that's exactly what our different calendar views allow you to do.

    View your garden plan one month at a time, or switch to our yearly view to see your whole year at a glance.

    We've also created a powerful horizontal timeline view to easily compare planting schedules and create or edit your succession plantings.

    Winter gardening made ridiculously easy

    Seedtime will plan your garden/farm for you all year long. With this four season planting calendar you’ll not only know when to plant your winter veggies, we’ll even give you tips on how to protect them without breaking your pocketbook. 

    In fact, in most places in the USA you can grow year-round with simple cost effective protection measures.

    And if you live in one of the rarer locations where it just gets crazy cold (or dark) - you'll still be able to at least extend your seasons by a good long way into the winter.

    Your frost zones at a glance

    If you want to grow a garden any time during the spring, fall, or winter, then it's important to know when to expect freezing temperatures to hit. 

    That’s why we've built into our calendars a simple frost guide so at a single glance you can know if your garden is liable to be hit by a frost or not. 

    But we didn't stop there. For those serious about winter gardening we added a "hard frost zone" guide as well for hard freezes down in the low 20s and below. 

    Proprietary winter gardening algorithm

    Plants growth slows down over the winter which can make it much more difficult to estimate seeding and harvest times. 

    We're solving this challenge with our unique winter gardening algorithm that automatically estimates expected harvest delays over the winter based on your location, growing zone, and how many covers you are using to protect your plants.

    Now you can estimate harvest times for any crop all winter long!

    Use it anywhere. On any device.

    Seedtime is a web-app so you can access it on any device and on any platform (computer, tablet, phone etc.). 

    The calendar will also auto-save so you'll never have to worry about loosing your work. 

    Print your calendar

    Want a hard copy of your calendar plan?

    You bet! You'll be able to print each calendar view or the weekly checklists so you can have a hard copy on hand.

    This is great if you want to manually check off your calendar tasks in the garden or if you want to share or talk over your plan with someone without having the computer around.

    The First Task List That Makes Gardening Easy

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  • The concept of SEEDTIME is excellent- taking the weight of complex planning away so you can focus on the gardening and ensuring you have enough produce to meet your goals.

    Chris Reed

  • Seedtime is a powerful program to help anyone gardening; from new gardeners to homesteaders and market gardeners. I encourage people to give it a try because I'm hooked on using it!

    Michael Sissom

  • Automatic weekly (or daily) checklist

    Easily stay on track with a weekly (or daily) checklist that automatically compiles from your garden plan. Simply check off the tasks as you do them and you'll never feel behind again!

    Every week you'll have a crystal clear plan of what needs to get done in the garden without ever having to worry about it. Just pull up your checklist for the week and fire away. 

    Search. Sort. Filter.

    When it comes to your task list - you are in control. 

    Easily search for specific tasks or crops, sort the list by due date, filter by task type, and more. 

    You can also choose to view your task list one week at a time or on a day by day basis. 

    Automatic rescheduling

    Forget to seed your cucumbers last week? 

    Life happens. We get it. 

    Just mark it off as completed this week and your entire planting schedule will automatically reschedule to reflect the actual seeding date. 

    Now that's what we call easy.

    What to do and how to do it - at your fingertips

    Just like in the calendar, you can click on any task for detailed instructions and demonstration videos showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and crop recommendations specific to that crop. 

    This includes short video masterclasses filled with expert step-by-step instructions like how to prepare your garden beds without breaking your back, how to keep your garden weed free in just minutes, how to protect your veggies in the winter without breaking your pocketbook, and more...

    A Journal Made by Gardeners for Gardeners

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  • SEEDTIME is the best gardening tool available!! I love it, and my garden has done exceptionally well this year as result. Easy to use, easy to move around in this program, and the hardest work is out in the garden proper. Try it out for yourself! It's amazing!!


  • Seedtime is the Garden App I have been waiting for. The visual planning features make it so much easier to plan out the garden, plant on time, and make adjustments as the season unfolds. I am truly excited about what this App will become...

    Aaron Ripley

  • All your notes in one place

    Tired of random sticky notes or multiple notebooks or papers? 

    That's why Seedtime Journal is designed to be the perfect place to keep track of all your garden notes in one place. 

    You'll be able to easily sort, search, or filter your entries to quickly find anything you're looking for. And best of all - it seamlessly integrates with your gardening calendar. 

    Track your progress with pictures

    Pictures are worth more than a thousand words...

    That's we've made it easy to attach pictures from your garden directly to any of your journal entries. 

    Now you can keep a photo history of your plants as they grow!

    Organize everything with tags

    Organize your journal entries with tags. 

    This will help you easily keep everything organized and sortable. 

    Wondering what comments you had on transplanting in the past? Filter down to only journal entries tagged to transplanting for a quick and easy view.

    Link entries to specific plantings

    Did we mention that your journal will seamlessly integrate with your gardening calendar? 


    You can link journal entries with specific plantings in your calendar to keep track of your observations in stunning detail. 

    The Gardening Classroom to Grow an Abundance of Food

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  • What a fantastic program and only getting better. It’s great to leverage such good and knowledgeable people. Well done!

    Johnny Byard

  • Because I am a new gardener this program has been very user-friendly. All the tutorials and information are very easy to get to and to understand.

    Gwen Earley

  • 4-Step Gardening to Abundance Game Plan

    In the Seedtime Classroom we'll walk you through our 4-Step Gardening to Abundance Game Plan to help you grow and abundance of nutrient dense food without constantly fighting bugs or disease issues. 

    These are a series of short masterclass video lessons with additional resources, worksheets, and links out to some of our favorite seed companies and garden tools.

    Step 1: IGNITION

    You'll learn step-by-step:

    How to improve your soil even if it's terribly clumpy, clayey or too sandy.

    How to take a soil test and know what kind of organic nutrients to use to make sure your plants are healthy (and the secret nutrient most people don't know about!).

    How our garden map checklists completely eliminate the stress and overwhelm of trying to plan your garden when you're already running a tight ship.

    How to make beautiful high quality compost without it ever stinking up the neighbors yard (or yours for that matter!).

    And more...

    Step 2: LAUNCH

    You'll learn step-by-step:

    How to prepare beautiful garden beds from scratch without breaking your back.

    How often to add nutrients or compost to your garden so your plants stay health but without overdoing it.

    The exact plant spacing we use in our garden beds to maximize production every single time.

    How to grow young transplants that will thrive even if you're completely new at it.

    And more...

    Step 3: GROW

    You'll learn step-by-step:

    How to effortlessly keep your garden weed free without ever spending hours on your knees picking weeds.

    How to naturally deal with insect pests and diseases without ever using harmful chemicals that hurt you and the environment.

    How to water your garden using a simple system that will save you hours of time and gallons of water.

    How to know when to harvest your veggies and how to store them so that they'll last.

    And more...

    Step 4: EXTEND

    You'll learn step-by-step:

    How to have a fresh harvest of beautiful veggies straight through the winter even if you live in Washington, Michigan or Maine!

    The simple system we use every year to protect our veggies in the cold months without breaking our pocketbook.

    The one simple trick to know which veggies grow well in the cold and which ones do best in the summer.

    How to beat the seasons using micro-climates to grow cold weather crops even in the summer.

    And more...

    A Gardening Community Made Just for You

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  • Epic app to manage multiple gardens! We use it to manage our two year old food forest in South Africa and tracking its progress! Highly recommended - save time and funds longterm and save more seeds - use Seedtime . Growing food has never been easier!

    Axel Will

  • Having everything in one place is so nice- seeding and transplanting dates, plant info, when to fertilize and harvest, and being able to change dates if something wasn't done right on time... This is going to help bring my garden to the next level!


  • Connect with other members

    The Seedtime community is your place to shine. Share what is happening in your garden, ask questions, and give advice to others. 

    We believe when it comes to gardening there is no one expert. We can all learn from each other. And together, we can make growing food a better experience for everyone.

    Ask gardening questions

    Having trouble with a bug or disease in your garden?

    Ask the community for help. Get ideas and solutions from other members. 

    And give back to the community by sharing your experience! 

    Get Seedtime updates

    Get updates on new feature releases or sneak peeks at a feature that is coming soon. 

    We like to keep our community in the loop and this group is an awesome place to keep track of what is happening.

    Give feedback

    We want to hear from you. 

    Sure, we could build out all kinds of fancy features that we think are cool. But that's not what Seedtime is about. 

    We are here for you. That means we need your feedback to make Seedtime the best and easiest garden planner for your needs. 

    And that's not just talk. We actually listen and make changes based on your input!

    Seed Store, Natural Fertilizers, Organic Pest Control, And More...

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    Get notified of special sales and discounts

    Get notified when we have special seed sales or discounts.

    From time to time we'll have special discounts or sales within the Seedtime store. And as one of our users you'll get notified so you can make the most of these special offers!

    Natural fertilizers and more...

    The Seedtime Store isn't just a seed store. We're building out an entire garden center to meet your gardening needs. 

    This means you'll find natural fertilizers, organic pest and disease control products, and more. 

    In the future we plan to integrate the store directly into the other areas of Seedtime to easily add crops based on the seeds you've purchased, and more. 

    What Others Are Saying About Seedtime

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  • Great program! By far the most user friendly program I’ve tried. The team is quick to respond to issues.


  • It's obvious that Seedtime was created by gardeners for gardeners. User-friendly and indispensable! Highly recommend!


  • This is the most flexible and comprehensive garden planning calendar system I've seen. The team is exceptional at continuing to make it better and better so I'm excited to see how it continues to improve!

    Jeffery Carroll

  • Planning a successional garden has been so much easier due to Seedtime. I love the format and all of the customization available in the planning phase as well as the large plant variety database. It makes my job that much quicker.

    Carrie H

  • Paul and Edwin have done an amazing job creating a gardening online program, with everything one would need to grow a garden from inception to harvest! Calendars, timelines, database of seed varieties, when to start seed, when to transplant, when to harvest, and so much more! 

    Janice Cleary

  • This app is great and continues to get better and better. The folks that are creating are wonderful and are soooo open to creating an app based on feedback from US!... They are planning to add the capability to work on a visual basis, which is major for me.

    Laurie Lezin-Schmidt

  • Thank you SEEDTIME! Have been with them for several years since the beginning days. I use it for my raised beds, normal gardens, TowerGardens (aeroponics) etc. I have watched the program mature and fits every gardeners need. It makes planning and implementing all the tasks easier and achievable. Whether your a back yard newbie or a master gardener, this program is for you.


  • Buy it. This will be your best investment in your farm EVER.

    I'm not a "yesterday" farmer and from experience I can tell you that it's worth every pennies.

    A pain relief + a support team coming from the field and completely dedicated to keep it simple and updated continuously.

    Michel Michiels

  • I always struggle with when to seed, succession planting, and general timing of my gardening with my busy schedule. This tool really does make it easy to plan with minimal brainpower. As a bonus, the creators give tutorials and information that I've found useful in my daily gardening.

    Tracy Shields

  • This has been a great group for the new Gardner and the experienced Gardner with many years of experience. There are so much information to learn from. Also this is the best interactive calendar I have found any where. There is nothing to compare it too!


  • Seedtime is a beautiful way to organize your gardening plans, seedtime/harvest and everything in between.


  • Love it!

    A really helpful, intuitive app.


  • I love Seedtime. It helps me to plan my gardening and helps me to be more productive. I highly recommend Seedtime for the home gardener as well as the market gardener.

    S. Wells

  • It's the best gardening app out there, super easy to use and to customize. I am very happy to be one of the early adopters.


  • Your FREE Seedtime Account Includes Everything You Need to Start Planning Your Best Garden Ever


  • Click 'n drop gardening calendar to easily visualize when to seed, transplant, harvest and more based on your local area

  • Over 70+ built in crops/flowers with 3,000+ built in varieties or upgrade to add your own custom crops

  • Unlimited planting schedules

  • Unlimited task lists

  • Unlimited journal entries

  • Entire masterclass video lesson series

  • Private gardening community 

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    Made by Gardeners - For Gardeners

    Edwin and Paul Dysinger

    Hey, it's Edwin and Paul here from Seedtime and as farmers and gardeners ourselves we know how time consuming and overwhelming planning your garden or farm can be. And frankly, none of the tools we found on the market really made it that much easier. 

    That's why we decided to create Seedtime - the gardening/farming app that lets you visually plan your garden in just minutes and with just a few clicks, all based on your local growing area.

    Seedtime is currently in a private BETA phase of development and not available to the public. If you would like early access then click the green button above and get your free account on the next page to join our exclusive Seedtime BETA Clan. We can't wait to see you on the other side. 

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