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Born to Grow Home Gardening Course

  • Flagship Home Gardening Course ($300 value) Delivered on a flash drive straight to your door.

  • 12 Modules with 33 lessons including teaching along with step-by-step instruction for specific gardening strategies that will get you to a desired end result. For example, how to keep your garden weed free without spending hours on your knees, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, how to prepare a bed from scratch, and so much more... 

  • Over 18+ hours of video training 

  • 169+ pages of worksheets

  • BONUS: ($100+ value) Lifetime online access to the training including all future upgrades.

  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee Either you see an improvement in your garden after applying the training for one year or we'll back you up with a full refund.

  • This Home Gardening Course package sells for $300 on our website here.

    Get it now for 67% OFF the listed price... 

    Full Price: $300
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    Ready to Learn How to Grow Your Very Own Beautiful Veggies That Burst in Your Mouth with Flavor?

    Would you love to grow enough food for your family?

    Do you dream of living off the land?

    How would you like to know how to keep your garden weed free in less then 5 minutes a week?

    Hey, it's Paul here and imagine having an extra $500-$1,000 to add to your savings account or to put to some other use every year! Or feeling the healthiest and most fulfilled ever. The key here is knowing how to grow an abundance of nutrient-dense home grown food and then how to optimize your growth.

    And here is where I’d love to help you out.

    The Born to Grow Home Gardening Course is designed to help you gain the knowledge and the skills you need to make your home garden a success without spending hours on your knees pulling weeds or constantly fighting the bug battle.

    Having a mentor can get you there faster while avoiding costly (and time consuming!) mistakes...

    Here's what you will discover inside:


    Module 1:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    A good plan is such a foundation for a successful garden. In module one we’ll dive down into planning your garden including choosing what to grow, determining how much you want to tackle, and even deciding where to plant your veggies.

    You’ll also learn why growing in beds is usually more efficient than rows and how to practically prepare your beds or make a raised bed.

    Module 2:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    When it comes to organic gardening there is hardly anything more important than a healthy soil.

    Module two begins our journey into learning about the soil, what composes a healthy soil structure, the organic matter and chemical balances in the soil, nutrient availability, and the host of microbial life that live and thrive in a healthy soil and interact in amazing ways with the veggies we grow.

    Module 3:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    It may be one thing to know about what makes up a healthy soil, but it’s another thing to get your soil there.

    In module three we’ll cover how to do a soil test, and then how to analyze the soil test and amend your soil appropriately.

    And since organic matter is so important to any soil, we’ll cover making a successful compost pile and using green manures and cover crops. (No worries, you’ll find out what that is.)

    Module 4:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    Different veggies have different nutrient needs and have different effects on the soil they are grown in. Some feed heavily on the nutrients in the soil while others help build up a healthy soil.

    In module four we’ll discuss why rotating veggies in the garden is important, how different veggies effect the soil and each other, and how to make your own rotation. There’s even a couple sample rotations you can use right away.

    Module 5:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    In my work with Bountiful Blessings Farm we actually transplant almost all of the veggies we grow – but there are some where direct seeding is the more efficient way to go.

    In module five you’ll learn about which plants can be easier to direct seed, practical tips for efficiency, and some tools that can be helpful in the process. You’ll even get to see some demonstrations to help you on your way.

    Module 6:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    Transplanting can give your plants a huge head start in the garden.

    Module six covers which plants you should grow inside and then transplant, the host of advantages that transplanting has, and why we like to use soil blocks instead of plug trays to start our starts in.

    You’ll learn what soil blocking is, how to grow starts in soil blocks, and then how to transplant them out successfully - even if you're a complete beginner.

    Module 7:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    No one likes to spend hours on their knees pulling weeds (at least I don’t think most people do). The neat thing is that you don’t have to.

    In module seven you’ll learn about how you can easily take care of weeds without having to pull them out with a dinner knife or spading fork. You’ll also learn some practical ways to trellis your veggies and how to keep them watered well.

    Module 8:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    Pests can be such a problem in an organic garden – but it doesn’t always have to be so.

    In module eight you’ll learn about why we choose to take a plant-positive approach to the garden rather than a pest-negative one.

    You’ll also learn about how a healthy plant is more resistant to insect pests and diseases and some things you can do if your garden is being overrun with them.

    Module 9:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    It’s one thing to grow a garden full of nutritious veggies, but the real treat is when you get to harvest and eat them!

    In module nine you’ll learn about when to harvest your veggies, the importance of fresh food, and then practical tips for storing your produce.

    You’ll learn which foods should NOT be stored together and how to store storage crops like potatoes, garlic, onions, and more.

    Module 10:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    For most people the gardening season only lasts a few months during the summer, but why not take it longer into fall or even straight through the winter?

    In module ten you’ll learn what veggies grow well in the cold, why timing is so important for having a successful fall or winter garden, and practical ways you can protect your precious veggies without breaking your pocket book.

    Module 11:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    Growing a garden in the winter is a bit different than growing one in the summer.

    In module eleven you’ll learn about taking care of your garden during the winter months.

    And then for those who have a greenhouse or are interested in using one you’ll learn about protecting plants in a greenhouse, heating the house, dealing with snow, and caring for the soil inside.

    Module 12:


    Here's what you'll learn:

    Unfortunately, our society at large is largely disconnected from the natural world.

    In module twelve we’ll talk about reconnecting back with nature and about how the garden can teach us so many principles of life that carry over into every area of our lives.

    And ultimately you’ll learn about how we can catch a clearer picture of the love of our Creator through the natural world He has created.

    The Training is Yours For Life!

    The training above represents 33 gardening lessons with more than 45 garden training and demonstration videos, 160+ pages of worksheets, notes and other documents.

    These videos include teaching along with step-by-step instruction for specific gardening strategies that will get you to a desired end result. For example, how to keep your garden weed free without spending hours on your knees, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, how to prepare a bed from scratch, and so much more...

    And today you can get your very own physical copy for use at your own convenience. Anytime. Anywhere.

    BONUS ($100+ value): Lifetime Online Access and Future Upgrades

    Lifetime online access and future upgrades

    Every month we jump on a live meeting with our inner circle ELITE members, give them a peak at what is happening in our gardens, cover some garden training, and then open up for questions and answers. 

    This bonus includes access to the recordings from 5 years of monthly live meetings with our members including over 60+ hours of garden updates, training, and Q+A time.



    (From members with access to this and other training)


    This Home Gardening Course package sells for $300 on our website here.

    Get it now for 67% OFF the listed price... 

    Full Price: $300
    Now Only


    1 Year Money Back Guarantee

    On top of everything else, we'll shoulder ALL of the risk for you with our 1 Year Rock Solid Guarantee.

    You see, we are completely confident that when you follow our step-by-step training you'll experience the joy of harvesting MORE veggies that taste better than ever before. And all with LESS work or stress.

    In fact, we are confident enough to back it up with your money. So, if for some reason you follow all of our training advice and at the end of a year look back and haven't seen an improvement in your harvest or if it didn't save you any work - simply send us an email showing us that you put the training to the test and what you did (give us some proof that you used the training with some pictures of your garden, the soil test you did etc.) and ask for a refund.

    Honestly, if the training didn't work for you, then it was a waste of your time and you shouldn't have to pay for it. So we'll back it up and give you a full refund no questions asked.

    Hey, we're confident that's not going to happen and that's why we're willing to hold such a rock solid guarantee. The risk is on us. Sound fair?

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