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BREAKING! Get Instant Access to New Seedtime Layout Planner

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Imagine being able to not only track the timing of your crops, but be able to visual track where they will be growing in your garden at the same time. 

Oh yeah! Now we're talking...

With Seedtime Layout you can visually layout your garden or farm plan, assign crops to specific locations in your garden, and view exactly what spaces will be used in your garden at any time of the year - all based on your gardening calendar plan.

Unlimited Gardening Calendars

Whether you are tracking multiple gardens across different locations, or if you just want to use one calendar to play around with while you have another one for your actual garden plan - being able to create an unlimited number of gardening calendars gives you the flexibility you need. 

No more being tied down to just one calendar. Now you can create as many as you want, whenever you want. 

Create your own custom crops and varieties

Don't see the veggie, herb, flower, or anything else you want to grow in the planner? When it comes to choosing what to grow - you're in control.

Now you can easily add any custom crop or variety to your plan. That means whether you want to grow an exotic french green or a delicate cut flower - just input the growing information and it'll populate your custom planting schedule into the calendar like everything else.

20% OFF Seed Discounts

Get 20% Off all of your seed packet orders of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, from major brands like High Mowing Organic Seeds and True Leaf Market. 

It's like Amazon Prime discounts but for gardeners! 

This discount is guaranteed (our Seedtime Plus members will always get discounted seeds) however the amount may adjust with market conditions.

This is Just the Beginning...
Future Seedtime Releases Include:

Seedtime Weather

What if historical weather data and forecasting was integrated directly into your gardening calendar? 

Sound like a dream? 

With Seedtime Weather you’ll be able to view real-time (and past) weather data, forecasting, and alerts. This will include at-a-glance weather information across the calendar, upcoming frost warnings, and we are even looking into integrating with your own home weather station. 

Seedtime Inventory

Tired of sifting through random half-used seed packets? 

Never sure what you have on hand or what you need to purchase?

With Seedtime Inventory you’ll be able to easily keep track of your seeds, soil amendments, and more.  This includes what you’ve purchased, how much you’ve used, and what you have available to use in your garden right now.

Seedtime Records

Are you crazy about records? 

Or just wish you could keep track of how many tomatoes you were able to harvest?

With Seedtime Records you’ll be able to easily keep track of any garden/farm related records like harvest amounts, number of plants planted, soil amendments, and more.

Seedtime Analytics

Records are awesome. 

Spreadsheets and columns full of numbers can be overwhelming and/or mind boggling. 

With Seedtime Analytics you’ll be able to easily visualize or view your records in ways that are easy to understand so you can get insights on how to improve your garden from year to year.

Plus You'll Get the Following Additional Bonus Garden Training and Resources ($450+ value) When You Upgrade Your Account

GIFT 1: ($300 value)

Our Flagship Home Gardening Course

Home Gardening Course

Get online access to our flagship Home Gardening Course. Inside you'll discover:

  • 12 Modules with 33 lessons including teaching along with step-by-step instruction for specific gardening strategies that will get you to a desired end result. For example, how to keep your garden weed free without spending hours on your knees, how to deal with pests and diseases naturally, how to prepare a bed from scratch, and so much more...

  • Over 18+ hours of video training

  • Over 45 teaching and demonstration videos

  • 169+ pages of worksheets

  • Bonus Growing a GMO-FREE Garden + Winter Gardening Webinars with my Dad Edwin

  • And more...

  • You'll get instant online access to the entire gardening course covering everything from planning your garden, to building healthy soil, starting starts that thrive, watering, weed control, trellising, pest and disease management, and more...

    GIFT 2: ($95 value)

    Your Best Garden Ever Challenge Recordings

    Your Best Garden Ever

    This 5-day power packed garden planning workshop will help set you up to grow your best garden ever this year. 

    In the recordings of this challenge you'll discover:

  • How to plan your best garden ever from scratch in 3 simple steps (we'll hold your hand and do it with you - or you can use our ready-to-go plug and play garden plan)

  • How to use our "Perpetual Harvest Hack" to grow fresh food all year round (it's easier than you think)

  • How to setup a simple crop rotation plan (to make sure your garden stays healthy)

  • How to choose what variety to grow including our favorite varieties of veggies for quick and easy seed ordering (plus our favorite seed companies to order from)

  • And more...

  • You'll get access to the recordings of all 5 sessions, our garden planning worksheet, succession planning worksheet, Gardening to Abundance Game Plan Mindmap, Potting Mix Recipe, and more...

    GIFT 3: ($95 value)

    Winter Gardening Challenge Recordings

    How to Grow Through The Winter!

    This 5-day power packed winter garden planning workshop will help set you up to extend your season and grow your best winter garden ever. 

    In the recordings of this challenge you'll discover:

  • How to plan your best winter garden ever (we'll hold your hand and do it with you)

  • Our “Winter L+R vs. Summer S+F” veggie formula to easily know which veggies grow best in the winter vs. the summer. What that means to you is you'll be able to easily choose the best foods to grow in your garden that will thrive even when it is freezing outside.

  • The #1 critical factor for having a fresh harvest during the winter months. This one thing can make or break your winter garden EVERY single time - it is that important and is really easy to get wrong!

  • How to build a “quick hoop” from scratch without breaking your pocketbook. Perhaps one of the EASIEST ways to extend your season even if you live in places like Idaho or Maine.

  • And more...

  • You'll get access to the recordings of all 5 sessions, our winter garden planning worksheet, succession planning worksheet, Potting Mix Recipe, and more...

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    Unlimited visual layouts of your garden that seamlessly connect with your gardening calendar


    Unlimited Tasks


    Unlimited Entries


    Masterclass Video Series


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    Unlimited access to weather dashboard and custom weather alerts


    Unlimited access to keep track of anything in your garden like seeds, soil amendments, and more


    Unlimited access to keep track of any records in your garden like harvest amounts, seeding amounts, number of transplants, and more


    Unlimited access to view and analyze your records in a simple visual way


  • GIFT 1: ($300 value) Online access to our flagship Home Gardening Course

  • GIFT 2: ($95 value) Your Best Garden Ever Challenge Recordings

  • GIFT 3: ($95 value) Winter Gardening Challenge Recordings



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