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Swipe Our FREE Click 'N Drop Gardening Calendars

Visualize Exactly When to Seed, Transplant, and Harvest Veggies In Your Garden All Year Long - Based On Your Local Area

  • Click 'n Drop planting schedules for 30+ popular garden veggies and herbs makes planning your garden a breeze

  • Filter by tasks to easily see when each crop will be seeded or harvested

  • Simple instructions for every task so you'll never be lost trying to figure out what to do

  • Quick links to our favorite crop varieties, garden tools, and winter growing resources  

  • And more...


    It's as easy as Click 'N Drop


    Just click (or tap) on a crop you'd like to grow from the side menu.


    Crop tasks drop into your calendar so you'll know exactly when to seed, prepare your garden bed, transplant, cultivate, harvest and more...


    View your whole year at a glance with organized lists of what to do each week.


    (Testimonials are from members with full calendar access)

    What to do. When to do it.

    Each time you drop a planting schedule for a specific crop into your calendar, it'll map out exactly when to seed it and estimate your harvest dates for you so you don't have to waste time and energy thinking about it.

    But we decided to take it a step further.

    Instead of just settling for seeding and harvesting, why not include other garden actions related to that crop? Like when to prepare your garden bed to seed or transplant into it, when to transplant, when to cultivate and/or check up on your veggies, and when and how to make a "stale seed bed" ahead of time to get a HUGE head start on the weeds for direct seeded veggies.

    This isn't just a gardening calendar. It's a guide to help know exactly what to do, and when to do it so you can focus on the fun part - growing your veggies!

    Detailed Instructions At Your Fingertips

    It's one thing to know when to seed or transplant your veggies. It's another thing to know exactly how to do it. And how to do it right - so that they thrive and you thrive.

    That's why with every single action/task in our gardening calendars there are detailed instructions outlining exactly what to do and how to do it. Like how to prepare your garden beds without breaking your back, how to keep your garden weed free in just minutes a week, or how to transplant your veggies so that they thrive.

    In fact, we'll not only show you how to do each task, but we'll show you the best ways we know of to get the job done fast and with the least amount of effort (think less work, less stress, and less overwhelm). That's called satisfaction.

    Easy Seeding or Harvest Filter

    Ever wish you could see your year at a glance and know what you should expect to be seeding or harvesting in a month or two months from now?

    Now you can with our simple garden actions filter. Just choose which action you want to filter by and the whole calendar will only show you those actions.

    So hey, want that quick overview of when each crop should to be seeded or harvested? It's just a click away...

    Year Round Harvesting. Yup. We're Talking All Winter Long!

    Ever wish you could be harvesting fresh veggies from your garden in the middle of the winter?

    Now you can! In fact, in most places in the USA you can grow year-round with simple cost effective protection measures that won't break your pocketbook.

    And now with our four season planting calendars you'll not only know when to plant your winter veggies, we'll even give you tips on how to protect them.

    And if you live in one of the rarer locations where it just gets crazy - you'll still be able to at least extend your seasons by a good long way into the winter.

    Your Frost Zone

    If you want to grow a garden any time during the spring, fall, or winter, then it's important to know when to expect freezing temperatures to hit.

    That's why we've built into our calendars a simple frost guide so at a single glance you can know if your garden is liable to be hit by a frost or not.

    No frost guide is perfect. We can't predict nature. But we can give an average and let you know when to look out for your location.

    But we didn't stop there. For those serious about winter gardening we added a "hard frost zone" guide as well. That's when to keep an eye out for hard freezes down in the low 20s and below.

    Quick Links to Our Favorite Varieties

    Ever felt overwhelmed leafing through gardening catalogues trying to figure out which tomato variety to grow? Sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

    That's why we've included links out to some of our favorite varieties for each of the crops.

    Not only will these save you time trying to figure out which one to grow on your own, but now ordering your seeds from a reliable and safe seed company will only be a click away.


    Based on Your Growing Zone*

    It's like having a real farmer sit down and map out your whole garden for you. Because that's what we just did.

    Yup! That means no more wondering when your tomatoes need to be planted, or when you should be transplanting your kale.

    Our Gift to You

    Paul Dysinger

    Hey, it's Paul here from Born to Grow and as farmers and gardeners ourselves we know how time consuming and overwhelming planning your garden or farm can be. And frankly, none of the tools we found on the market really made it that much easier. 

    That's why we decided to create Seedtime - the gardening/farming app that lets you visually plan your garden in just minutes and with just a few clicks, all based on your local growing zone.

    We'll be launching the full version of the app soon, but in the mean time I'm excited to give you access to the free version of our Seedtime planting calendars. Just click the yellow button above to get instant access and enjoy!

    * DISCLAIMER: Our free gardening calendars are based on frost date averages. Unfortunately we can't taylor them to your EXACT location at this time but we have done the best we can to go on averages across the USA for what we consider the "frost zone" you are living in. We are also in BETA testing mode right now so we cannot promise that every planting schedule will be correct. When you choose to join you are doing so with the understanding that you are part of the testing process helping us know what works and what doesn't. We haven't lived in every single growing zone so we have done our best to base all the planting schedules off of the knowledge we have both from our own experience and that we have gleaned through others growing in different areas. And finally, there are definitely many factors completely outside of our control that may affect your garden and how well these calendars work for you such as your local weather, the amount of care you put into taking care of your garden, your soil condition, etc. Because of that we cannot promise any specific results. Consider these calendars as a general guide to save you time and give you a plan to work from - but not as a guarantee of success.

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