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Affiliate Program Sign-up

Welcome! We're really excited to invite you to join our Seedtime Affiliate program.

Here's how you can join and start earning 40% lifetime recurring commissions for anyone you refer to Seedtime:

STEP 1: Click the green button below to register your affiliate account.

STEP 2: Login to access your affiliate dashboard, get your affiliate links, and track your stats.

Our affiliate program currently runs on ThirveCart. When you click the button below you'll have the option to either create a new ThriveCart account (it's free) or add Seedtime to your current account (if you already have one). 

You will also find more details on how our affiliate program works underneath the sign up link below:

Join Seedtime Affiliate Program


Because Seedtime is a web-app and is currently in our private Beta phase of development - the only way for anyone to create a Seedtime account right now is by signing up at our Free Forever account level

Free accounts get 14 days unlimited access to Seedtime and then are limited to 7 crop categories with unlimited planting schedules. We have a built in $450+ bonus gift package that we give to anyone who upgrades their Seedtime account (or donates to the project) within their special enrollment period during their free trial. 

We automatically follow up with new users and encourage them to upgrade their Seedtime account or donate to the project.

Lifetime accounts are ONLY available during special promotional periods (including when a user first signs up) and are not directly available within Seedtime.

If you have a larger audience and would like to set up a special promotion specifically for your audience (via a webinar or some other event) - please contact us at [email protected] and we would be glad to explore options with you. 



Because we take Friday evening through Saturday evening off from regular business, we do not do active marketing on these days. 

Users can still sign up for a free Seedtime account or upgrade their current accounts with delayed payment (you can see an example of this here), but all of our optional upgrade offers will be turned off/redirected.

We highly encourage affiliates to not actively promote during this time.



First, our affiliate program is setup with lifetime cookies and with the last cookie logged setting.

Commissions are 40% across all of our products unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Detailed commission breakdowns can be viewed inside the affiliate dashboard once your account is created.



We do automatic payouts 7 days after purchase with the understanding that if a refund occurs we will automatically withdraw the commissions for that refund. If you would prefer to wait longer and not have a chance of automatically being charged back for any refunds, we can adjust this for you. You can see the details on how payouts work here.



You can find your affiliate link and details about how to use it inside the affiliate dashboard once you setup your account. 

Here's the link to sign up and get started:

Join Seedtime Affiliate Program

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